I’ll give you a bit of insight into what kind of geek I am.

I love to read, so I was the kid who always had his nose in a book – mainly sci-fi and fantasy, but anything that bends the mind really.

Technology can frustrate the hell out of anyone, but when it’s cool, it’s really cool. Sometimes it just feels like we’re taking too long to get to the good stuff (you know, the stuff you see in the movies).

A while back it dawned on me that writing games has always been a dream of mine and that the XBox Live Marketplace provides the perfect platform from which to launch a game development company with none of the overheads involved in actually publishing a physically packaged game. Unfortunately being in South Africa meant that I couldn’t publish to XBox Live, and so game development lay by the wayside for a while, until I started working with Unity3d, which turns out to have been the medium I have been waiting for as an artist my entire life! The latest version even allows publishing to Flash!

I’m keen on getting exercise; weight training, rollerblading, swimming, hiking, fire-chains.

Making things – physical things – is one of the best things I can think of to do with my time. This includes woodwork, DIY, art, food, and games.

Humans are pretty interesting too, but frankly by and large we are just apes impressed with ourselves because we’ve got opposable thumbs and manage to balance on our hind legs. Hopefully at some point we’ll manage to break free from our xenophobic self-destructive mind-set and start working together to explore space – both inner and outer (very roughly paraphrasing Bill Hicks). If we don’t I’m afraid we’re next on the endangered species list.

Science! Ooooh, sweet, sweet science, where would we be without it? My main fields of interest is biology, astronomy, quantum physics and cosmology.

See? Told you I’m a geek.

Oh yeah, and open source also rocks.